High Quality Products

NKG Trading has been importing Quality Stone fruits working directly with the agriculturalists using feasible, organic systems. Our quality is ensured and approved as per the good farm produces standards. We have an efficient quality control and quality check mechanism in place which ascertains that we only provide the choicest quality of stone-fruits you are looking for. At NKG Trading, we do believe in the fact that our products need to meet the demands of the customers and should be free from any deficiencies or defects. This is why we consider the high quality of products as our topmost priority and we work hard to make it our strength.


Distributed Network

A thriving business needs a steadfast network of distribution. Delivering the freshness of stone-fruits at the customer’s door is what we aim for. Our inter connected and well equipped stores have the right technology and right transportation systems. This ensures that the drool worthy stone-fruits you so crave for reaches you in no time even if you are in any nook and corner of India.We are expanding across the length and breadth of the country and already deliver to the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore,Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai.


Best Stonefruit Importers

Stone fruits are the varieties of exotic fruits found in different parts of the world. They are cultivated in a particular ambiance and are a very good source of essential nutrients. We take pride in being the top most importers of stone-fruits presently in the country. Procurement of any types of stone-fruits, be it in any quantities and in place is now easier with the help of a click. We aim to be consistent enough and emerge as one of the pioneers in the import of stone-fruits.


Best Trading Company

As India’s annual growth of fruit imports continues to be unwavering, we ensure this growth accompanies the level of trust and honesty we have to offer. As such it creates a bond between us and our key stakeholders making it the best trading company in India. While we strive to bring about the best quality of stone-fruits to India, we also give our customers the ease to get those fruits from the comfort of one’s home. An outstanding growth in addition to working in alignment with the core values of our company is what differentiates N.G.K Trading from the rest.


Customer Satisfaction

We believe in bringing a smile to our customer’s faces through the way we do what we do. Our work ethics summon us to keep customer satisfaction at the top of every little thing done by us- be it timely and efficient delivery or ensuring the freshness of the fruits. We hustle towards growth by creating a loyal customer base and the sole way to guarantee a loyal customer support is to understand their needs and wants.We give 100% assurance that once you forge a relationship with NGK Trading, we will make it the best experience for you in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.


Great Packing

At NGK, we follow world class standards of packaging to ensure the right quality reaches our customers. Packaging is extremely important from the perspective of health and hygiene and as a customer centric company, we make sure every bit of our actions are justified in providing the best imports to our customer base.


Trusted By Business

Along with providing a great quality of products and outstanding customer services, our orientation lies in creating a brand that sustains our mutual co operation, trust and reliability. We build long lasting bonds with people who matter to us and in return, we receive their trust and loyalty. A mutually satisfying collaboration which we have to offer,makes us a business trusted by one and all.


Professional Team

Just like the carefully sourced stone fruits that is relished by all, we hand pick our team, customize their abilities according to the company ideology and instill the values for which NGK Trading stands for. Our team ensures that every bit of dedication reflects on the work they do and that precisely, is why NGK Trading stands strong amidst the competitive markets.

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Certified Products

Certified Products

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Covers Major Cities

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Best Importers

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Complete Fruit Basket

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