High Quality Products

The first and foremost thing that would come to your mind when you think of NGK trading is the quality of the product. We aim to keep the standards of food quality high and we do everything in our capacity to ensure it.You will find a trusted Quality Inspector looking into the quality aspects of the products we deliver to your doorstep. We have committed ourselves to providing chemical free,organic cherries with invigorating freshness within.


Distributed Network

We have a reliably strong logistics that comprises of a fast growing network and distribution channels, spanning across the regions and sub regions of India. We render services across all the major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore,Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai. Our business is expanding rapidly and we are just a phone call or an email away from your doorstep.


Best Cherry Importers

Sourced from the choicest of cherry plantations across the world, trust us to provide you with the best of the best. We have tied up exclusively with top agricultural firms so that you get to devour the juiciest bits in the comfort of your home. The best growers and packers are consistently working for this world class fruit experience while you are reading this. No doubt we are the Best Cherry Importers you can find.


Best Trading Company

We are considered to be the best in our field and our expertise is the reason for the trust people put in us. The values of mutual trust and dependability of our stakeholders is the reason we strive to better ourselves with each passing day. Hence, this becomes the key factor why we are also the Best Trading Company in India.


Customer Satisfaction

Our happy customers are our strength. We know a business becomes great when the customers are treated well. Every moment,we make sure we leave positive imprints on the minds of our customers.We cater our products focusing on their needs and wants. It is our firm belief that we breed customer loyalty only by providing huge satisfaction to the people who made us what we are.


Great Packing

Our unique approach transforms a simple fruit basket in a delicious assortment of adventures for any palettes. The freshness of the fruits is kept intact for a long time with the help of great quality packaging. We understand the importance of a packaging- it retains freshness, it increases the shelf life of a product and it is a hygienic way to deal with foods. Our efforts at packaging ensures all these, that too at a quality price.


Trusted By Business

We believe that the longevity of our business thrives on the honesty we have to offer, the trust we are able to build and the expectations we are able to surpass. We are a team which moves ahead with the passion to achieve the parameters based on this ideology.We are trusted by one all as we offer the best- the choicest of fruits complemented with the best of services and this in turn, forges a relationship for long term. We value these relationships and we hope to work hand in hand to garner profitability.


Professional Team

How do we achieve what we claim? The answer is simple -with the help of a trusted and efficient team! Our team is the pillar of this business and this team is created with careful evaluation and training. We imbibe the values we stand for in our team from it’s inception so that the set standards are achieved Pan India. We trust our team to guarantee a timely delivery of High Quality Cherries.

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Blue Berries

Fresh Berries

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Certified Products

Certified Products

Covers Major Cities

Covers Major Cities

Best Importers

Best Importers

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Market Understanding

Complete Fruit Basket

Complete Fruit Basket

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