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High Quality Products

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of procuring Imported fruits? An obvious answer will be the quality. Keeping this in mind, we acquire the best quality inspectors. They thoroughly check the quality of imported fruits before we deliver it to doorstep. At NGK Trading, we make sure the avocados you want to taste have the best of all.


Distributed Network

NGK Trading has a dynamic distribution of networks across the perimeters of the country on the go. We have developed a logistics and supply chain mechanism which covers the major cities of India viz- Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. We are also preparing to bridge the gap between all the regions by expanding all across India, only to ensure that no matter where our customers are the goodness of the best of fresh avocados reach them in no time.


Top Avocado Importers

We are dedicated to supply you fresh fruits.  We bring premium quality of Avacados from the top agriculture firms. We have exclusive tie ups with growers/packers. We are one of the renowned Top Avacado Importers.


Best Trading Company

A Company stands for its ethics, it grows for the values it imbibes in it. Since our inception, we have kept honesty and loyalty in the highest pedestal of values. This in turn creates a dependability of our stake holders in us. For us, this dependability is something we strive to hold on to. The symbiotic relationship of faith that our key partners and stakeholders have with us makes us the amazing Trading Company we are.


Customer Satisfaction

The simple mantra that we follow in ensuring customer satisfaction is that we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. We make the purchasing and delivering experience convenient, hassle free and quick which fosters a loyal customer base. Winning the client’s hearts by going that extra mile,that is what we do in NGK Trading.


Great Packing

A great packaging is very important in influencing customer decision making. No one would prefer fruits with spillage or unhygienic packing- At NGK Trading, utmost care is taken to ensure that the packing is done in such a way which protects the avocados and keeps the freshness intact. Our eye for detail in packing ensures that our products stand out, in addition to the benefits it provides. As such, NGK Trading once again performs its best in the packaging department.


Trusted By Business

The efforts we put in standing out and in ensuring a quality service, the honesty, dedication and hard work we have to offer to others makes us one of the most loved and trusted businesses. We abide by the faith our people put in us and we work harder and harder to keep that faith intact.


Professional Team

Our team is a diverse culture of people, collaborating and working hand in hand to ensure our goals are met. They cater to the needs of the customer, sources the best of the fruits from the world class farm produces and enable timely and efficient delivery of the products at your doorstep.We consider our diverse team as the biggest strength.

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Certified Products

Certified Products

Covers Major Cities

Covers Major Cities

Best Importers

Best Importers

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Market Understanding

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Complete Fruit Basket

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