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Blue berries are exotic summer treats and the bio active compounds in it also makes it a fruit which tops the health charts. We, at NGK Trading provide the succulent, juicy variety of blue berries that goes through a stringent quality check. A well trained Quality inspector will ensure that the blue berries reaching you through NGK Trading meet the company standards as well as the standards set by the regulatory authorities.


Distribution Network

We ensure that the amazing anti oxidant rich blue berries reach you, no matter wherever you are. This is only possible with the help of an efficient pipeline through which we channel our products to the customers. We have a developed logistics arrangement within us that has presently enabled us to deliver to the major cities of India like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. The blue berries are delivered across the country without compromising on the quality and hygiene.


Best Blue Berry Importers

When you want to find the best blue berry importers, our name is sure to top the chart. We source our berries from a quality market and being in this field for so many years, we have the correct know-how about what our customers really want.We take accountability for the quality and freshness of a product and that  in turn makes us the best blue berry Importers.


Best Trading Company

We are a business that values its contributors. We are what people have made us. The sole reason for our passion to grow and serve each day is because of the trust our key shareholders have put in us. We are a name in the world of trading and our allies would endorse the claims that we make. We have always made sure that our competence matches our claims and that is why we are the best trading company in India.


Customer Satisfaction

We understand that just offering a plethora of choicest of berries will not satisfy the customers. That is the reason we have developed a hassle free way to ensure our customers can get the products at the comfort of their homes with just one click. We have efficiently used technology to create comforts for our customers and we intend to keep innovating and re inventing for their sake. At NGK Trading, we know that happy customers are make or break the business and that is why, our customers are always the number one priority.


Great Packing

Efficient and timely delivery of the blue berries to customers remains our primary aim but we also look into the aspects of packaging precisely. Supplying a fresh batch of succulent blue berries which is organic and pure requires a great packaging. By great we don’t mean the aesthetics but the value based packaging which allows the berries to remain fresh. This packaging reduces spillage and spoilage during delivery. We believe that bringing the best blue berries to you would require the best care and so we aim for the best packaging, at all costs.


Trusted By Business

We want to be one of the top names in the trading Industry and we intend to do so keeping our core values in alignment with our goals. Without the conviction of our people, our key stake holders, our vendors, our workers and all those who make NGK trading what is, without the relationship based on this faith that we are what we offer, we would not have come this far.It all started with a dream but it is the acceptance of NGK trading by the likes of all that makes it a brand trusted by businesses.


Professional Team

No matter what business it is, the success stories of it’s achievements is written by the team it builds over time. At NGK trading, our trained team members undertake their work with the utmost sincerity and accomplish company goals effectively. A lingering team spirit, with the people who have a passion for what they do and who share the same dreams as us makes us the best. A veteran team in place at NGK ensures we live up to our claims and surpass customer expectations.

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